recipe development

I have developed and tested recipes across every category you can imagine, with an emphasis on quick and easy, holiday, family, and global cuisines.

nutrition expertise

I worked for two decades developing delicious recipes to evolving, rigorous nutrition standards—always with an emphasis on flavor. I’ve worked in ESHA Food Processor (nutrition analysis software) for years and can tailor recipes’ nutritional requirements such as calories, sodium, fiber, added sugars, and so on.

recipe editing

As an editor, recipes from freelancers and chefs arrived on my desk ranging from pristine to absolutely confusing. My job was to whip them into shape for everyday cooks, minimizing length and maximizing clarity. Then I supervised the testing of the recipes or tested them myself, making adjustments and revisions. Recipes that I edit work. And I’m fast, too.


If you want an article to go with or without recipes, I’ve written hundreds—about ingredients, techniques, cuisines, and more. My work has been nominated for a National Magazine Award (see packaging samples) and won a James Beard Foundation Award for writing (see writing samples).

If you have a quality ingredient that can be used in cooking—a flour, a spice mix, a wine or liquor, pretty much anything as long as it’s high quality—I can work with you to create recipes that will delight customers. These recipes can be used on packaging, recipe cards, or in-store food demos. You’ll own the recipes in perpetuity.

commercial recipe